Furniture Request

Fill out the form and we can help you get free furniture delivered to your apartment. Once you fill out the form, a representative from International Oasis will contact you, and you will be able to schedule a time to shop for your furniture, or have an International Oasis representative choose it for you. Fre delivery is also included in all furniture requests.

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  • Furniture Request

    Please enter the number of items you need of each kind of common furniture item. If you need something you do not see, please add it to the additional item request at the end of the form.
  • Box filled with 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 sets of silverware, pot, pan, cutting board, knives, and more.
  • Fits 3 people sitting down.
  • Fits two people.
  • A large chair for one person. Good for sitting, reading, studying, or watching TV.
  • A low table that is typically placed near couches in the living room.
  • A table for eating that can fit between 4 and 6 people.
  • Chairs that fit around the dining table.
  • Also called a study table. Use it to read, work on a computer, etc.
  • Also called an office chair. It can adjust different heights and is comfortable for studying.
  • Large area for storing clothes in a bedroom.
  • Small space for storing clothes in a bedroom.
  • Small table for next to the bed to put phone, lamp, etc.
  • Includes bed frame, box spring, and mattress.
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    Please add anything else you need that is not listed on this form, and we will check if we have it for you. Items could include space heaters, shelves, clothes hangers, mirrors, etc.