Our mission

To provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to Oakland University international students in order to inspire and equip them to meet the needs of the global poor.

Physical Support
  • free furniture and delivery moving services
  • help purchasing vehicles and buying insurance
  • transportation to and from campus
  • airport transportation
  • business networking and career counseling
  • english language practice
Emotional Support
  • social events including sporting events and holiday parties
  • connecting students to caring families and individuals
  • counseling recommendations
  • assistance in emergency situations
  • guidance in questions of etiquette and acclimation
Spiritual Support
  • network of spiritual opportunities and communities for students to be able to continue their spiritual journey
  • resources for students to ask questions and understand the faiths unfamiliar to them

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Volunteer Opportunities

Our Story

In the spring of 2014, a group of passionate volunteers approached the International Students and Scholars office looking to help incoming international students. This core group became CAIR families with the ISSO office and organized a trip to take a handful of newly arrived students to the Arts, Beats, & Eats festival in Royal Oak. As the volunteers got to know the students more deeply, they were confronted with the difficulties of adapting to living in a different country, away from a family support system. Together they began to organize furniture drives and delivery, social events, and recruit others to help become ambassadors to OU international students. In late 2015, the core group of volunteers established the foundations of International Oasis, a non-profit organization dedicated to making every Oakland University international student feel welcome while empowering them to become leaders wherever they eventually work and live. In 2016, the board was formally established, and we welcomed our first full time staff member. The hope is that these students will serve vulnerable people all over the world through their knowledge, skills, and relationships.