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Host a student during the Christmas Holidays

Thank you SO much for your support of International Oasis and our students. You are very much appreciated by us all. We happily welcome you into the International Oasis family and want to express our sincere gratitude. We’re excited to change lives with you!

International Oasis (IO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making every Oakland University international student feel welcomed while empowering them to become leaders wherever they eventually work and live. We partner with volunteers and student ambassadors to enrich the lives of these students by doing the following: picking up students from the airport when they first arrive, organizing welcome parties/game nights/educational workshops, coordinating rides for the students when needed, pairing students with conversation partners to practice their English, creating and attending fun social events together, connecting and developing long-lasting friendships, along with other ways to service our students and the community.

Our Mission: Provide physical, social, emotional, and spiritual support to Oakland University international students.

Our Vision: Build and foster trustworthy relationships with OU international students that will enrich their American experience. Through unconditional love and servanthood, help students reach their full potential as individuals. Be an organization that will build successful support networks between the Oakland University International Student Affairs office and local organizations / families / individuals who have a heart for international students..

We are asking volunteers and local families if they would be willing to open their homes this holiday season to international students because we are all about enriching the lives of others. We trust that both you and the students will be positively impacted by this experience!

We believe:

  • It is important for international students to experience being inside of an American home during their time in the US

  • This opportunity is socially and and culturally beneficial for our international students

  • This opportunity is socially and and culturally beneficial for each volunteer and local family who welcomes a student

  • The holidays can get lonely for some, and that community is essential

  • In the importance of leaving a legacy. The generational impact from your decision to host an international student will transcend exponentially, beyond what you could even realize. Your values, personality, traditions, family background, personal and professional experiences, and friendly smile are more than enough to brighten up the lives of these students.

We are not only grateful for what you do to impact the communities you serve, but we appreciate you for who you are as an individual. If you are able to host a student during this holiday season, could you please respond by filling out this short form? 

If someone you know would love to host an international student this holiday season, please feel free to share this! Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy the holidays!!