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Since The Beginning

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Since it’s foundation, International Oasis has expanded and grown into much more than anyone could have predicted.

Through the evolution of the organization, volunteers have more than doubled and through that more students have been helped through furniture donations, communication partners, and outings and events.

One individual has been involved volunteering her time and heart since the beginning, Alexa Lawlor, remembers the organization’s humble beginnings.

“I was a part of International Oasis before it even became an official nonprofit organization. [Co-Founder Cam Underdown] had told me he had met several international students from Oakland, and I suggested we did a trip with them to a Tigers game. From there, I started to put together smaller trips for American high school football games, bonfires, and the rest became history!”

Lawlor’s involvement has only grown with the organization. From event planning to becoming the new Connections Coordinator, Lawlor has a heart for connecting to international students.

“I see it as an opportunity to meet new friends from around the world.”

Over the years, Lawlor has had the opportunity to help people get adjusted to a new environment, as well as provide them opportunities to make new friends. As International Oasis continues to grow, she hopes that volunteers grow as well. With so many ways to get involved, Lawlor recommends looking at personal passions, availability, and resources.

“It could be moving furniture, or it could be contributing financial donations to support the organization. It could even be requesting a conversation partner or attending an event and taking initiative to introduce oneself and meet new people!”

To find volunteer opportunities that match your interests, visit International Oasis’ website.


Written by Lauren Jurczyszyn