Truths & Lies About Oakland University: an international student’s perspective.

The following post was written by Ayomide Yusuf, a master’s student from Nigeria studying computer science at Oakland University. 

These are the truths and lies you need to know before coming to Oakland University as an International Student.

  1. It is true that Michigan is very cold during winter, temperature drops as low as -20 degree Celsius sometimes. Try to bring winter clothing (thick jacket, gloves, and boot) or save extra $20-$50 to buy them at Salvation Army. It doesn’t have to be expensive for it to shield you from the cold.  
  2. It is not true that Americans are not friendly and they don’t want you in their country. They are more than friendly to international students. Try to make friends with them, it will really help you.
  3. Make sure you know where you are going to stay when you arrived at Oakland. There’s no free accommodation anywhere as far as I know.
  4. American food is not the best, but I have good news for you: there are international markets not far from Oakland University that will give you taste of home away from home (but you have to pay more).
  5. Don’t forget to connect with people, it will make your staying in US fun. Ask people about everything you are not sure of, talk to your professors, and explore information on campus
  6. Take notes of deadlines, lifelines are usually not available.

Written by Ayomide Yusuf, editted by Lauren Jurczyszyn

Truths & Lies About Oakland University: an international student’s perspective.

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