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Driving Change

By February 9, 2018April 10th, 2018No Comments

How can a mechanic find his place volunteering with an organization servicing international students at Oakland University? Ask Phill Marney.


For two years, the OU student and automotive know-it-all has been working alongside other volunteers with International Oasis. Though it seems unconventional at first that a mechanic would be involved with this population, it makes a lot more sense than you would think.


As the car specialist for International Oasis, Marney plays an integral role in the way that international students get around their new home. Often times, these students do not have an easy go getting their own wheels, and that’s where Phil comes in. International students can oftentimes be vulnerable when making large purchases (such as vehicles) and with the help of Phil and International Oasis, students are able to get some top-notch advice without fear of being taken advantage of.


Through a link on the International Oasis website, students can fill out a form and be placed in contact with Marney. He is able to assist them in purchasing their new set of wheels, but his help doesn’t stop there.


Phill is also able to provide students with reduced costs on repairs and maintenance on their vehicles, as well.


When asked why he partnered with International Oasis, Marney said “it’s a tangible way for me to give back to the community. A lot of times I’ll be in class or hearing people at OU talk about how they want to make a difference, but not a whole lot gets done. I know that the work I’m doing is making a difference, and it was the perfect match for me when I was looking to start giving back to society.”


To access automotive assistance, or to request other help from International Oasis, visit their website.


Written by Lauren Jurczyszyn.